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Do you like to ride the elevator …..?


I remember old times, when I got stuck in the lift, or …waited for it for ages. This rarely happens now.

Nowadays I have another “problem”… I jump to the lift and want to press the button, but there is none… Or.. I am surprised that the lift does not start (oh yes, you should touch the screen outside the elevator first …).

Interesting conversation with Pawel Wierzbicki, CEO of Schindler Polska. Schindler founded in Switzerland, is one of the world´s leading providers of elevators, escalators, and moving walks, as well as maintenance services.

Many comfortable solutions are already in buildings. Do you know them?

💡 myPORT system – by using your mobile phone you can connect with PORT terminal, which identifies you and lead to the correct elevator. You do not need any access card

💡…this system enables to invite visitor from your smartphone. You just send the link by SMS to your guest  to be activated in his/her smartphone, allowing access to the building

I can see many adresses that we have Schindler system in Warsaw: Warsaw Spire, Central Railway Station, office buildings in “Mordor” Business Center…

All the best and have a good business Schindler Polska!

Quick, secure and convenient travel through the building is what we need😊